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GoldLink – No Lie ft Wizkid [Mp3 + Lyrics] Download



GoldLink No Lie

GoldLink comes out with a new song titled “No Lie” featuring Wizkid Off his album “Diaspora”. Song


No Lie Lyrics;

[Chorus: Wizkid]
Act like you don’t know me
Mi no lie
I do this thing, man, I do this thing for real
Mi no lie
Got a couple girls and guys who could die for me
Mi no lie
Buss’ up the party and everything, doo, doo
Mi no lie
Call off the beef sometime, everything nice and fine
Mi no lie
Roll up the wing one time, dem girls
Mi no lie
Mama told me, “Boy, don’t stop, don’t give up”
Mi no lie
Started from the streets, to my mandem, big up

[Verse 1: GoldLink]
Yeah, GoldLink is a good example for the assholes and the adolescents
Big dawg with a great smile [?], yeah they get aggressive
Skin glossy than a mothafucka, teeth sharper than my lip
So my teeth cut my lip, I put a diamond on that bitch
Jewish star for the set, yeah this summer had us movin’ different
Tat an eagle on my neck, ’cause this winter we was flyin’ different
And my niggas show and prove, still be rappin’ like I’m [?]
How a youngin’ this smooth? I’m really dirty with the stroke, yeah

Download GoldLink No Lie Mp3;


Download Track: GoldLink – No Lie

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