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GoldLink – Rumble ft. Jackson Wang, Lil Nei Mp3 Download



goldlink rumble

GoldLink comes out with a new song titled “Rumble” featuring Jackson Wang & Lil Nei Off his album “Diaspora”. Song


Rumble Lyrics:

Damn, daddy, this shit crank

[Verse 1: GoldLink]
Uh, touch down my grid on my shit, I got risk on my bones, huh
This ain’t a rental, I rap it like rentals, my man gon’ make you watch your tone, uh
Speaking of me, I got blood on my sneakers from runnin’ the game too long, huh
This ain’t a thing that you fond of, pussy niggas wanna play like Juwana
Me and shorty might just bond up, huh (What)

[Pre-Chorus: Lil Nei & GoldLink]
That’s the sound of the riot [?], left off (They be like, I be like, they be like, fuck it)
I worshiped and drift off (They be like, I be like)
Look now I’m big dog, back up, let the fifth off (They be like, fuck it)
Co-come and get drift off (They be like, I be like)
[?] make ’em drop, do the criss-cross (They be like, fuck it)
Shoot from the hip, though (They be like, I be like, ah!)

Download GoldLink Rumble Mp3;


Download Track: GoldLink – Rumble

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