6ix9ine – Couple Bands Ft Skinnyfromthe9 [Mp3 + Lyrics]

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6ix9ine released a new song titled “Couple Bands” featuring Skinnyfromthe9.


Couple Bands Lyrics:

[Bridge: Skinnyfromthe9]
Put a seed in that bitch, 30 piece on my wrist
I just pulled up with my drip, now she eating the dick, uh

[Verse 1: Skinnyfromthe9]
These niggas pussy, they don’t want the smoke (Smoke)
You did me dirty, you is not my bro (Not my bro)
I can’t trust you, you’s a fucking hoe (Fucking hoe)
Stupid bitches, yeah, they did me wrong (Did me wrong)
It’s all good, ’cause I’ll just be alone (Be alone)
Big choppa with a big stick (Big stick)

[Verse 2: 6ix9ine]
Big choppa, big stoppa
Lil’ nigga, big heart, I’ll drop him
Fuck a nigga, close-minded dick riders
Most you niggas, say a word when I’ll drop him

[Chorus: Skinnyfromthe9]
All these bitches wan’ get fucked, uh (Fucked)
She say she feel it in her gut, uh (Gut)
Diamonds dancing, do not touch, uh (Do not touch)
Niggas busting, we gon’ rush, uh (We gon’ rush)

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