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Chris Brown Comes Out with a new song new song titled “Heat” featuring Gunna off his “Indigo” album. Song Produced By Buddah Bless.


Chris Brown is set to release his indigo album on the 21st Of June 2019. The Album features 32 Tracks, in which 7 tracks have been released. Heat is the 10th Track on the Album.

Heat Lyrics;

[Verse: Gunna]
Baggin’ this, imported counts
Countin’ digits
Yeah, she vicious

[Chris Brown]
You likin’ what you see
Everything designer, that’s on me
That’s why I got no ho
You get like me, just tryna fuck somethin’, yeah

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
This drip got you in heat
Just know that, baby girl, I won’t be beatin’
You know that I’m gon’ keep
All this drip watch this heat, yeah
Gotta get to that heat, just to ask you to fuck

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]

Cause that’s some kind of love, no
Girl I know that you hate it
Girl I’m not gonna let you down
I ain’t gon’ keep you waitin’ up
If you throw it, it’s gon’ get knocked up
You playin’ hide and seek, I’ma find you (I’ma find you)
Baby, hold on tight when you ride me (Ride me)
You know I like to eat, give me options
If you throw it, it’s gon’ get knocked up

[Verse 2: Gunna]
This drip got you in heat (This drip got you in heat)
Super wet, her juice is runnin’ down her knee, uh
No stylist, in the celine (No stylist)
Hear you flyin [?] icy [?], yeah
Pretty pies inside the mansion by the beach (Beach)
Let me press all on you bathing suit your stylist [?]
Bands inside your whole designer, dramas for the week
And that’s all on me
I swear, that’s all on me (It’s all on me)
You actin’ you really want it
You gon’ get it
Plus, I’ll fuck you good, I got you (Got you)
In you feelings (Feelings)
Birkin bags and Goyards pouches (Pouches)
Got you dripping (Dripping)
Calculus and more accountants (Accountants)
Countin’ digits (Digits)
Cherishin’ these riches

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