Gucci Mane – Proud Of You [Mp3 + Lyrics] Download

gucci mane proud of you, Gucci Mane – Proud Of You [Mp3 + Lyrics] Download, Micarofx

Gucci Mane just released a new track titled “Proud Of You“. This is not the actual official release, it was leaked online today. Song  


Proud Of You Lyrics;

[Verse 1]
I had the county blues, now every day I’m counting blues
No lean and Mountain Dews, Guwop I’m so proud of you
Accountants count it, 2 steps so tall got a mountain view
My house so big, my bitch mistook it for the Fountain Bleu (Huh?)
First time I copped the Deuce, said “Guwop, I’m so proud of you” (Skrrt skrrt)
Guwop still Trap God and they quote me more than Dr. Seuss (Wop)

I’m way richer than when I got out three years ago (Richer than y’all)
I freestyle don’t even write, don’t even think no more (I ain’t writing down shit)
Put the lean down, I don’t want it, I don’t drink no more (Lean, lean)
You ain’t my friend, you ain’t my rider, man we can’t link no more (Fuck my opps)
Ran out of places to tattoo, can’t get no ink no more
Fresh off parole and I can’t go back to the clink no more (Huh?)

[Verse 2]
I had the county blues, now every day I’m counting blues
New clothing line call it Delantic (Delantic? It’s new, it’s new)
My pink ring sunk the Titanic (It’s true, it’s true, brr)
She say I’m fine, she threw here panties (Wow)
The coldest nigga on the planet
Coupe dropped the top, I call her Janet (Ya dirty bitch)
Them boys fell off, it’s like they vanished
Extendo tucked, this bitch gigantic
I upped the strap, them niggas panic

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