H.E.R – Racks ft. YBN Cordae Mp3 Download

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H.E.R released a new song titled “Racks” featuring YBN Cordae. Song  


Racks Lyrics;

Ah, ah

[Verse 1: H.E.R.]
Honey, help me get by, it don’t matter if I-
Caught myself expensive things, buy myself a diamond ring
Married to the mula, still ain’t got no lover
Lookin’ all I see is green, wonder can you buy me these?

[Pre-Chorus: H.E.R. & YBN Cordae]
It’s hard to trust the things that we lust
No fallin’ in love, we so out of touch
When no one’s around, who’s holdin’ you down?
It seems like the only thing you know is

[Verse 2: H.E.R.]
They don’t understand, they don’t know how to get the stacks up
If I drop a hundred bands, I’ma get it right back up
And if I fall it don’t matter, I’ma ball get the bag, yeah

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