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Logic released a new song titled “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind” off his album “Conffesion Of A Dangerous Mind”. Song  


“Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” is the title track and second single from Logic’s sixth studio album. Logic uses this song to vent feelings of insecurity that have been driven into his mind by living in the public eye. The constant comparison of his new and old works, along with the juxtaposition of his work to those of other popular artists, are conversed daily on the internet, leaving Logic, and other artists, with mental health issues.

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind Lyrics;

[Verse 1]

I can’t get no better, can’t get no more cheddar
feel like a king and my queen is Coretta
been made a livin’, I’m never gon’ give in
I’m just way too driven, that’s why I been thinkin’
I am scared that I’m sinkin’, I’m scared that I’m fallin’
The world think I’m ballin’ and maybe I am
But don’t give a damn, back in the beginnin’
Did not have a plan, don’t know who I am
Or who I’m becomin’ but I’ma do me to the fullest, alright
Bustin’ and dodgin’ them bullets all night
Take over the world, yeah I’m thinkin’ I might
Got ’em all in my sight
know that I’m strong, I know that I am
know I’m the man
And whether you poor or you filled with financial security

Everyone deal with they own insecurity
Even the preacher was born with impurity
Scared to go out even with my security
Scared of the world and all of its obscurity
Pray for maturity, hope that I grow
Hope my anxiety stay on the low
swear I hope that shit don’t fuck up my flow
Where do I go? What would you do
If suddenly all of your dreams came true?
What would you do if you did it all?
If you ain’t never have to lift a finger
Would you linger like, “Fuck ’em all”?
Guess that’s your call, but I can’t
This a marathon, not a sprint
Switch up the plan like homie that went from Verizon to Sprint
Can you hear me now? Does anybody out there feel me now?

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