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Poppy released a new song titled “Choke” off her new upcoming ep “Choke”. “Choke” is Poppy’s second EP, releasing June 28th, 2019. It consists of five tracks, including Scary Mask, Voicemail, and Choke.


It will be Poppy’s final release with her record label Mad Decent before she becomes completely independent.

Choke Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Help, I’m drowning
There’s nobody around me
I need someone to save me
Can you come and take me?
Help, I’m choking
There’s liquid in my breathing
I think I’m sinking
The oxygen is leaking


[Verse 2]
The demon has leave me
He said I’m not moving
The angel is watching me
Know’s he can’t stop me
I’m guessing they’re testing me
Getting the best of me
Don’t know how long until they see the rest of me

[Verse 3]
They don’t believe me
My heart isn’t beating
They say I’m imagining, just make believing
The geometry I am seeing
Is leading me to frequencies in my chest and they’re teasing me

[Verse 4]
Now everything’s clearer
I look in the mirror and look at the past in the face of the fear
The angel is watching me laugh
And he stops me
To tell me that the end is here
Transition completed
The demon’s defeated
He disappears into the smoke
All systems are go
Countdown, five, four, three, two, one

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