Wale – 09 Folarin [Mp3 + Lyrics] Download

wale 09 folarin, Wale – 09 Folarin [Mp3 + Lyrics] Download, Micarofx

Wale released a new song titled “O9 Folarin“. He goes in and proves he’s better than your favourite rapper over BKS’ jazzy production. Try to catch all of the wordplay.


09 Folarin Lyrics;

Folarin, I still demolished a starvin’ artist
Go to the jeweler in June leave in December prolly
I chase profit you say my name they change topics
So don’t start if you can’t back up like Blaine Gabbert
Don’t hate rap I just hate rappers that like perpin’
Real ice on fake niggas or vice versa
Paranoia is real for me they like lurking
So every party we real heavy with light searching
Cloud surfing, she on a cloud with me
You still in y’all feelings, I’m in the style section
A niggas style something they can never grasp
Every beat I smash like I’m Ike, snake, cloud or Kirby
They not observing they try ignore me they try murk me
Try block what I’ve done and it’s somehow working
I should come back with a gun before they try to hurt me
Had that bitch ringing so much I retire his jersey
I’m Bill Russell ’til the shift’s over

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