Young Thug – Your Generosity Ft Gunna [Mp3 + Lyrics] Download

young thug your generosity, Young Thug – Your Generosity Ft Gunna [Mp3 + Lyrics] Download, Micarofx

Young Thug released a new song titled ‘”Your Generosity” featuring Gunna.


Your Generosity Lyrics:

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Diamonds in off your pussy, diamonds in off your poom poom
She got me drunk off of Grey Goose
I would never stop loving this girl
I was disgusting, I’m fuckin’ and rubbin’ and cuffin’ this girl
was in love and she was suckin’ my dick in Huraches
was just tellin’ her, I got the best touch on the Midas                                                                                                                               rip up a mothafuckin’ bill up like syphon
Irish diamonds on you, fuck your rivals
can’t tell you no, my life was dependin’ on it
I’ma hit ’em in the back with my rifle
was just turnin’ pages in the Bible
In a fit they lost her power

[Verse 2: Gunna]
So much curiosity
I was just born with melody
I got a family, eight felonies
You see them blessing my [?]
That’s my prerogative
Bussin’ my [?] positive
Talk about mine, came outta fields
Gotta thank god, I got a guild
Chop off the top, and feel the breeze
Aim at her heart, she won’t ever leave
I fuck her hard at least twice a week
Three or four cars, let ’em swap the key
Born with the wave, I came out the sea
I let her wait, you get ahead of me

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